Academic Excellence For All

We believe that providing an excellent academic education for our children in a safe, welcoming environment must be the top priority for PAUSD.

Parents have the right to expect that their child can attend our public schools where every student:

  • Reaches their full potential, including challenging classes for academically advanced students, electives, and extracurriculars.
  • Receives support if they are struggling so they can stay on track and excel.
  • Benefits from an outstanding education that is cost effectively delivered while aiming for continuous improvement.
  • Benefits from the best experience possible, where students' academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs are met.
  • Learns in a safe, welcoming environment that puts students first, focused on their well-being and on their workload.

Many of us chose to make Palo Alto our home in large part because of the high quality public education, and we must nurture, protect and retain that academic excellence.