Transparency and Accountability

We believe that every Palo Alto resident has the right to be fully informed about their public school district's operations, which must effectively educate our students.

Every Palo Alto resident has the right to expect that the School Board:

  • Ensure the Board and the District are transparent and accountable to the community – act in the public's interest as the trustee of a public school district. 
  • Oversee the School District's operations and oversee its performance in educating our students – understand that impartial data on performance can lead to improved outcomes.
  • Examine and reflect on all of our students' performance, including the most vulnerable - understand that the District must serve all students. 
  • Require that PAUSD comply with all laws, especially those designed to protect our children - understand that compliance is not optional, and is cheaper.
  • Enforce accountability – understand that actions have consequences and accountability is critical.

A public school district is responsible to its community and we expect our School Board's actions to reflect this fundamental tenet. Governing with this principle in mind will help to re-establish trust with the people of Palo Alto.